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Astroläbe x Biodiversa Foundation

'Lullabies in the Garden of Calamity'


will be part of an all-female 

exhibition in New York

May 9th 2024

68 Franklin St.

New York, NY 10013

This show is curated by Astroläbe in collaboration with Biodiversa Foundation

The Natura Exhibition aims to raise awareness and gather support for the conservation and restoration efforts within El Silencio Nature Reserve and Research Station, a 3,300 ha area of lowland humid forests and wetlands in Colombia. These initiatives are vital for preserving endangered species such as the Jaguar, Tapir, Spider Monkey, and Blue-billed Curassow, as well as preventing the emission of 200,000 tons of carbon into the atmosphere, while simultaneously improving the quality of life for marginalised communities inhabiting these ecosystems.

This exhibition beautifully blends art and science, showcasing the works of 25 female artists from diverse backgrounds. Their creations were inspired by audio recordings of humid forest soundscapes collected during scientic research conducted by Fundación Biodiversa Colombia. Throughout the exhibition, we plan to disseminate our research through public talks and multimedia presentations, shedding light on the region’s biodiversity conservation initiatives.

The forthcoming Natura Exhibition will run from May 9 to May 31, 2024, at theAstrolabe Contemporary Art Gallery in Downtown Manhattan, NYC (68 Franklin St.
New York, 10013 NY). This event, hosted by Biodiversa Foundation (USA) and its sister organization, Fundación Biodiversa Colombia, provides a wonderful opportunity for your company to be prominently featured and aligned with our mission of promoting nature conservation and sustainable development.

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